Landscape Starchitect- Friend or Foe?

I was very intrigued by a decision to reduce the coverage of a few stars in Landscape Architecture. I can sympathize with the idea that the same “star landscape architects” might become boring or even overrated after too much exposure. But at the same time, I want to know who the stars of our profession are. I want to know who represents the best of what landscape architecture has to offer. More importantly, I want the whole world to know.

In daily conversations, in my professional and personal life, landscape architects are forced to defend their identity and purpose. I think the promotion of a few stars could help pave that road.

Do you have an active, living landscape architect who you consider to be a role model for the profession? If so, how can we empower that individual(s) to further inspire the rest of us? On the Land8Lounge discussion board, “WHO ARE WE? SHOULD OUR TITLE OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT BE CHANGED TO SOMETHING ELSE?” received over 60 thoughtful and passionate responses from around the world. It leads me to believe that landscape architects, students, designers, clients, agency officials and project users are all looking for someone to lead the way.

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  1. Starchitecture is Dead – Columnist Blair Kamin says that the Obama presidency puts a nail in the coffin of starchitecture, and introduces an age of sustainable buildings and an emphasis on infrastructure.