Feelings Are Like Rain Drops

Feelings are like rain drops. In the old days, the rain would fall, and it would percolate into the very place it landed. In big storm events, when the place it landed was too full to handle any more on its own, then the water would just flow, with gravity, taking the path of least resistance. Then it would meet up with other extra water that also couldn’t sit still in its original landing spot. This rain would all band together and meander through swales and channels, babble thru creeks and valleys, and rage through waterfalls and rivers before settling at its lowest point. The lowest point could be very different for each rain drop. They may end up in an ephemeral wetland, a pond, a lake, or even the great blue ocean. But in every unique situation, once they’ve arrived at this “low point,” they are greeted by a host of diverse and supportive organisms which help to maintain their clarity. Eventually their cycle is completed when they are evaporated back into a rain cloud and ready to nurture another day.

Today, there is stormwater management— with concrete channels, curbs, gutters, detention, and retention basins. Our rain drops are being isolated, “treated,” and fenced off. Now we suffer the consequences.

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