Building Community

For the past four years, I’ve dedicated a good portion of my spare time to the communications committee of C4, the local chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. For the past four years, I’ve apologized for being “just a landscape architect” as I tackled the tasks of graphic design, web design and social media. What I’ve only now realized is that all these tasks are a natural fit for a landscape architect. The skills I have been trained for and find the most crucial to my job description, are those tasks which contribute towards building community.

As a landscape architect, my greatest passion is for creating communities and environments where people can connect and thrive. As the digital world becomes further integrated with our daily, hourly and constant routines, I can only imagine the digital landscape becoming another tool or platform for landscape architects. My definition of landscape architecture is not limited to plants, soil and hardscape. My definition of landscape architecture includes passion, community and people.

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