More than just cake frosting

More than just the pretty, yummy decorations– Landscape Architect’s are responsible for the complete party experience. The cake frosting may be simply one focal feature in a grand master plan. We’ll still need to select the plates, the spoons… or does the client prefer forks for their cake? Then we’ll need to select napkins, cups for drinks.. and how shall we serve the drinks? Champagne fountain? 5-gallon jug? Or a simple bowl and have someone spike the punch later to take the party up a notch? Or is that inappropriate?

Once all the components have been discussed and approved, then the material construction is determined. Should the utensils be reuseable silverware?  Keep it simple with disposable plastic? Or source the compostable corn-derived products? These are just a small sampling of the responsibilites and considerations of the landscape architect…  designing and planning for the complete experience.

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