Going Against the Grain and Overcoming Fear


Fear should be reserved for dark alleys and late nights at public beaches. In those instances, fear proves valuable as a defense mechanism. In the case of design and planning, fear only serves as an enabler of mediocrity.

To find success and innovation in design, the surefire way is to go against the grain. There is no opportunity for progress by continuing along the safe and familiar path.  It’s time to demand more from our design professionals.

Looking back at the example of  fear as a defense mechanism, it is important to note that “common sense” would also warn you to keep your guard up in those situations. So, where did all this common sense come from and how did it get here? Was it repeated instances of fear that shaped a common sense and mass public opinion? Or did mass public opinion become a creator of fear? Today’s climate is most often influenced by the latter. In which case, design professionals have a lot more work ahead of them!  Design decisions are not only a  matter of physical design standards but even more challenging, they are a matter of cultural perception.

Are landscape architects prepared to serve as agents of cultural change?

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  1. WOW – what an insightful entry. Thank you so much for posting!! I completely understand / agree.