The Woolly Test

As a landscape architect I don’t get near enough opportunities to get my hands dirty. Last week I stumbled on Woolly Pockets at 50% off and decided to give these vertical gardening vessels a test run. I’ve seen them in numerous garden and design magazines in flashy(electric blue) and neutral (camel, see below) colors.

After a trip to Miner’s, I grabbed two 6″ pot hanging plants, including Senecio rowleyanus String of Pearls to help green the face of the pocket and a small, upright, 4″ pot Rex Begonia.  The lush 6″ pots were easily split into two and three parts. I found a small bench to keep the pocket upright during planting. I ended up putting 8 quarts of soil in the pocket which looks to be a bit much. The substantial soil profile however, is the largest I’ve seen in vertical gardening products.

Within 15 mins, I was ready to mount the pocket to our office wall. I propped the pocket upright with some books and was able to easily screw into place without any additional hands.

Woolly Pocket (single) Retails $39.99 (Bought for 50% off from Farm Supply)
Two 6″ pots, One 4″ pot  $20.97
8 quarts potting soil $3.99
Total Project Cost:  $54.94

The project was quick, simple and easily brought some green into a small work space. I look forward to seeing how this breathable pocket  will contribute to the lifespan of my indoor plant collection.

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